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Gluten-free Orange Muffins Or Quick Bread

Ingredients & Directions

1 1/2 c AM Millet or Rice Flour
1/2 c AM Soy Flour
1 tb Non-alum baking powder
1/2 ts Sea salt (optional)
1/4 ts Orange flavor
1 c Water or orange juice
1/4 c AM Unrefined Vegetable Oil
1/4 c Rice syrup

Combine all dry ingredients. Mix all liquids; add to dry
ingredients. Pour into well-oiled pan. For muffins, fill cups full,
bake at 375 F. 15-20 minutes.
For bread, bake 35-40 minutes or until done.

(Yield: 1 loaf/12 muffins)

1 Loaf

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